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  • George Forrest


    A friend recommended Perth Tile Restoration to me. I saw their tiles before and after and it all looked amazing. I was very impressed and had indoor and outdoor tiles cleaned and sealed. I have had issues with mould and grim build up. Maintenance has been made easy and we can now enjoy mould free tiles. Thank you very much Perth Tile Restoration.

  • Steve Green


    I have tried doing tile cleaning and sealing on my own, so I know how hard it can be and tricky. Perth Tile Restoration cleaned sealed and re-grouted sections throughout my home and the results were very impressive. I highly recommend them. Thanks.

  • Judith Booth


    Perth Tile Restoration were professional, quick and friendly. Really appreciate everything. I highly recommend them.

  • Jessica Wilton


    Before we moved into our new apartment my husband and I wanted to clean and seal the tiles. Most were inside and also on our balcony. In one day all the tiles were cleaned and in 24 hours we were able to move everything in. The apartment is old but with clean fresh titles is all feels like brand new. Thank you Perth Tile Restoration.

  • Nicholas Deering


    I own a restaurant, which is completely tiled, although we mop the floors daily grim and muck still develops in between the tiles. I was concerned about the fumes from the cleaning solutions that would have been used but Perth Tile Restoration reassured me that there would be no after scent. They were right and now we have clean tiles and the whole restaurant looks fresh and vibrant again. Thank you Perth Tile Restoration.

  • Peter Douglas


    Perth Tile Restoration are lifesavers! Thank you for all your hard efforts. You have a great team. Thanks again, my bathroom and kitchen tiles look so clean and my house feels so inviting again.

  • Phillip Watson


    We were told by another tile cleaning company that we will need to re-grout out tiled area and replace many of the heavily stained tiles. The Perth Tile Restoration came in and inspected the area, they were able to clean and re-seal our tiles and grout saving us a lot of money. We really appreciate their hard efforts and professional work. Thanks again.

  • Edmund Williams


    Thank you Perth Tile Restoration, our tiles look clean and fresh. Everything was done in a day and no chemical smells. Thank you again Perth Tile Restoration

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